Thursday, July 10, 2008

Broken Bones, Torn Ligaments...

I was walking in the woods with Lux. All of a sudden two huge dogs come barreling around the corner and blow by me, knocking me right over ONTO LUX. She screamed. And screamed. And screamed. I carried her back to the car, that wonderful mile and a half I carried her the last time. We drove to the vet.

Many hundreds of dollars later they tell me her xrays show a fracture of her "thumb" and a blow out of her carpal joint, luxation (I know...her name is Lux...not funny). So a cast it is for 6-8 weeks with limited to NO activity other than peeing and pooping. In 2 weeks we go back to see if surgery is needed to pin her foreleg joint back to position and tie up the ligaments and bones with some newfangled wires...several thousand of dollars and an additional 6 to 8 weeks immobility. They tell me she will always have arthritis in that joint.

I cannot even describe what I am feeling right now...I have enough doggie downers to get her through the next week, but none for me.

I need to find some full time work now to pay for the surgery if it is needed.

So, I may be intermittent with my posting for a while, or perhaps not sticking to the format I usually do, because that takes me hours to do every day. I hope that is okay with you readers out there.

I am really, really sad and upset.

I love this girl more than I ever thought I could. To not have her able to run like the wind in the woods with me is a huge heartbreak. For us both.

Send us all the good healing vibes you can muster.