Monday, December 17, 2007

'Tis the Season

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After spending much of the past few days shoveling snow and slipping about on ice, sitting down with a warm laptop and a mug of hot chocolate is just what I need. The wind is blowing and the snow is crisp and white. No escaping it now. We are headfirst into winter!

Your Daily Dose of Cool Things:

This is a great season for nifty Bling sites.


And Nifty Giftie things, too!

Three Potato Four

Your Daily Dose of Wonderful Design:

I am a huge fan of the American Crafts Movement, and of George Nakashima.

George Nakashima (1905-1990) was a woodworker, born in Spokane, Washington. He attended the University of Washington and received his Masters in Architecture from M.I.T. During WWII, he was placed in an internment camp where he learned woodworking from a Japanese carpenter. In 1943 he opened up a woodworking shop and studio in New Hope, Pennsylvania and employed some of the world’s finest craftsmen. Today the Nakashima Studio is operated by his daughter, Mira Nakashima-Yarnall. His work can be found in the late Nelson Rockefeller’s home, the interior of Columbia University, and the International Paper Corporation, among others. (
More Here
And Here

Your Daily Inspiring Words:

"Connection...a word, a way of being, the path I walk with others, and myself. With no agenda, no plan, no goal. Connect to that feeling. Connect to that intention. Connect to that hug, that smile, that embrace. Connect to those words. Connect to my heart, and head, and wholeness. Connect to my father. Connect to my mother. Connect to the pain, and anguish and forgiveness. Connect to the peace and sparks of joy. Connect to the past and future. Connect to the present. Connect to the love. Connect to myself. Connect to the truth. My mantra for who knows how long? A lifetime perhaps. Connect. One word that defines a path, the Fearless Path for me, right here, right now, with you. May we all connect at the deepest level our soul allows and feel it, really feel it and know that it is real."-Rhonda Britten

Your Daily Does of Wicked-Good Food:

Edamame: It does not get any more simple than this.

Most grocery stores carry frozen edamame. If you are unable to find any there, try your health food store (Whole Foods, Trader Joes etc). Bring em home. Open the bag. Steam for 10 minutes. Place the whole bag in a big bowl and sprinkle with salt, preferably sea salt or Kosher salt. Lots of salt. Then bring the pod to your mouth and squeeze the little beans out. See? so. so very good. And good FOR you, too!