Friday, March 26, 2010

Old School: Relationship Parallels

I was thinking the other day about school, about classes, in part because my teen is experiencing High School right now, and sometimes it brings me back to my own experiences, way. back. when...

And, it occurred to me that a parallel can be drawn between classes taken in school, and parts of a relationship.

There is the English portion of a relationship, wherein communication, and comprehension are formed and utilized. Here, we seek deeper meaning, and understanding. There is the Math sector, where the "workings" of things like shared finances and relationship to money and units of relationship measurement are negotiated. There is Chemistry, where, well, you know...those fires alight, or don't. There is Biology, where the general being-ness of our corporeal bodies reside (one is a night owl, one may be a morning person, for example). We have the Physical Education class, where hopefully there is no uber butch Russian Gym Teacher-lady with a moustache telling you to run laps. But, what sort of proportions of outside activities, and physical excertion do you both need to be happy? In Foreign Language we learn to speak and understand different languages and cultures. Do you enjoy travel in the real world, in the inside world? Do you go to uncharted places between you and grow from those experiences?

And, let's not forget Study Hall and Lunch.

Mmmmm. Lunch. Let us always remember Friday is Pizza Day. What will YOU put on your relationship pizza today?