Monday, March 22, 2010

Silly Me

I was a busy girl this week. One of my adventures was cooking for a Bar Mitzvah at the Commander's Mansion in Watertown. It was a long day, with much to do. There were over 100 guests to feed. They were served a mixture of (vegetarian) world dishes as requested by the family. These included, a Moroccan Tagine with saffron, Lo Mien, Samosas with a tamarind/chile sauce, Scallion pankcakes, curried vegetable fritters with mango salsa, sushi, tabouleh, pot stickers and much more...I did have a kitchen assistant, but it was a long and furious paced day.

The mother of the boy who was being celebrated had arranged for a Murder Mystery to be performed during the meal. It was quite fun! At one point, one of the hired staff came in and I asked if the show was over so that I could plan my next phase of the meal. She confirmed that it was over. So I asked "Who did it?". She confirmed, jokingly, that it was the butler, in the library with a wrench. To which I replied: "Oh. Really? Because I thought it was Major Hottie in the Bedroom with a lead pipe!" Hilarity followed muchly.