Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Right Way

There is no "right way"
to feel a love
nor it's loss
or impending low tide.

No "right way" to be "whole"
when part of your world is
collapsing from the weight
of indifference.

No "right way" to say "goodbye"
to elders, waning,
flickering like a smoking,
wilting wick
of some candle forgotten.

No "right way" to comfort
that crying child
for which no soft voice
and no gentle touch
brings solace.

The best we can do
is be as vulnerable
as we can
to the opening
of others
and to the closing
as well
for one never appears
without the other.

And grace
goes a long way when
holding the bony hand
of fear
while crossing the road.

You were given a voice.
Use it wisely.
You were given a heart.
Give of it freely.
And know
there is no "right way"
on the humble map
of the soul.