Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"10 Things" Tuesday

Things I do when I am stressed out that *really* help:

1) Get More Sunlight. I have a room in the front of my apartment which gets full sun in the late fall, through winter at 7:00 until the afternoon. I know where to sit to soak in some Rah. It is a good thing.

2) I listen to more classical music, particularly Baroque period, which is rather cyclical and almost mathematical in it's nature. It also tends to resolve itself, releasing the musical tension at the end. Say Amen, brother.

3) I avoid too much TV watching, in particular the news.

4) I drink more water. Almost hourly from 8am to afternoon I sip water. It gives me a moment of quiet reflection. I often take this moment to think a blessing or feel some gratitude. Maybe ask for a little help.

5) I get more regular exercise. I went back to the gym this week. I think it helped a great deal. Sweat is good. Raising your pulse rate is good. Especially when it is not related to fear or crisis.

6) More Pleasure. N'uff sed.

7)I try to be uber conscious of what I eat, what I put into my body. For this reason, when really stressed I try to have nuts around the house. I seem to under-eat when I am stressy, so a handful of walnuts (especially onaccounta because they have seratonin making goodness) is a great thing to have handy. I also keep a jar of almonds in my car in the winter. You never know when you are going to have to shovel, and you won't run out of caloric fuel if you get stranded in a snowbank somewhere, in, say OCTOBER!

8)I do not reflexively answer my phone. I take time to think to myself "Do I really have the energy, heart-space, time...whatever, to talk with this person at this moment?" If the answer is "No" then I let the voicemail take it. I then batch check at a certain time of the day. That time is best experienced with a glass of wine or after two beers.

9) Hot. Bath. With Seasalt. Repeat as needed.

10)Read. Anything. Cereal boxes if necessary. I find that the simple act of reading (perhaps due to the EMDR like quality of eye movement/) is very balancing. Also, it allows me to embark on journey and be entertained in a gentle but marvelous way. It enhances.

There you go, folks. A handy "Let's-Not-Jump-Off -That-Bridge-THIS-Week" list for you!