Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cat Pruning and Relationships


Suki is fluffy. Every once in a while, especially when there are major shifts in the weather, her fur will go through changes as well, as most animals do. Underfluff may shed a lot. It is a lot for a little kitteh to manage, and sometimes she gets little mats of fur that make her look lumpy. If I don't keep up with brushing her, it becomes unmanageable for all involved, and the end result is a rather drastic attempt at pruning and combing and wrestling. It takes a certain gentle, yet firm, approach. I have to get her in just the right mood and come at her with the comb hidden. Then, if she is particularly open-hearted and soporific, I can sit with her and gently comb and tug at the knots. Bits of fur go everywhere. She gets fed up fairly soon, and is "done". I, however, am not, and must continue until the seed of the issue is handled and the comb goes through. Otherwise, more underfluff will mat there and the whole problem begins again.

After about an hour of "come hither's" and "sit still's" and "good kitteh's" she manages to wrangle away, looking back at me with nasty expressions. Despite the fact that it was good for her, and was needed, and was meant out of love and care, she feels wary and sensitive for a few days.

Relationships are like that sometimes. Issues that have been hanging around, unattended, get gnarly and unmanageable and need attention. Then sitting still, feeling wiggly inside and wanting to flee, participants tend to the knots, pull and tug and examine the seed issues and work until the comb, hopefully, goes through unimpeded. Or we decide to work on half of the problem and wait for another day to finish the rest. And, as with the kitteh, things feel a little wonky for a while, hearts are sensitive, weary, wary, and, really, not too excited about seeing a comb any time soon.

Today? I want to just lay around on the couch in the sun and lick myself.