Friday, September 4, 2009

Head Exploding Amounts of Keen

Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park

This has been the most magical summer. First, Aruba and the wonderful beaches. Now, I am just back from a whirlwind trip to California, and hiking in Yosemite National Park, cruising up Rt. 1 heading North to San Francisco from Morrow Bay, and walking among some of the biggest sequoias in the world. My jaw? It is sore from dropping.

A last minute invitation to spend frequent flier miles and Marriott points had me packing my bags and heading out last Saturday. The ensuing 6 days was filled with much hiking, much exploring and endless smiles. I will post a full report, probably spanning days of entries, later. As for now, just know that this Keen Person is steeped in rainbows and unicorn sparkles. Incredible. Unbelievable. Astounding. Amazing. And, totally, totally Keen!