Saturday, August 22, 2009



I have been back from Aruba for a while now, though part of my heart is still there, soaking in the blue, swaying in the breezes. I hit the ground running, working over 45 hours last week, and now, the heat.

I am also getting my oldest ready to depart for college next week, something involving lots of cash, much gas, and a veritable mess in the house as things are rooted through, piled high, thrown about, boxed...

Life is good. Incredibly good.

We are on the cusp of fall though, I can see it in the plants, smell it in the air, and feel it coming closer. Even in the 95 degree heat and over 80% humidity here in Boston, I can sense it coming. This is a good thing. It is my mostest favoritest season of all.

Life is full, as I said, of working 3-4 part time jobs right now...watching a Special Needs child in the mornings, dog walking, being a sous chef, and this weekend I have 2 senior portraits to do as well!