Friday, January 2, 2009

New Yule


New Year's Day Breakfast

Cool Haffner's Sign

It is no surprise to many that New England has been hammered with snow and cold for much of the past month or so. New Years Eve was cold, windy and snowy. The next morning I was famished, and decided to treat myself to the above breakfast, which was totally, totally Keen.

Lux loves this snow, but her paws do not. After only a few minutes in 10 degree weather with snow and ice, she lifts her paw and whines loudly. I hold the offending paw in my warm hand until it thaws and we run home for treats. I tried snow boots for dogs, but after about 5 minutes they are flopping off of her limbs like too long socks, or the rubber foot bed twists and she ends up walking on the sock part, then I lean down, take off the mittens, adjust the velcro, and 5 minutes later we are doing the same thing. Sorta reminds me of my kids in snowsuits when we were potty training. After 20 minutes of hauling, zipping, swaddling and pushing out the door, it was inevitable to hear "I have to pee".

So our walks have been decidedly short. On New Years Day, in the morning before the storm hit we walked to the middle school softball field and I let Lux loose so she could *herd* the geese. It was hysterical. She put her head down and took off, a black blurr, in a huge circle around the flock, which, of course, took off and flew in circles over head, only to land about 100 yards away in another configuration. Lux took off after them again. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. We were all so happy. Well, except the geese. She was one tired doggie that day. If the temps rise about 20 today, as expected, we will head over again for more *herding*. I would so love to live on a ranch, or near one, so she could do this for real, because Border Collies LIVE to herd. And it is a glorious thing to behold. The fancy footwork. The incredible speed. The mental skill. The smile on the dog's face. So worth it. I have heard that one can attend herding classes, but, as usual, they are expensive. Seems to me some guy with a field and some critters would allow us to run around, but I don't know about the insurance issue regarding any injury that might befall any of the participants.

Anyway, once upon a time I promised my mom a field full of sheep so she could have wool to knit. In the UK somewhere. That is highly unlikely at this point, what with the economy. So for now it is geese.

And they are not highly amused. Not in the least. But...they are free. Maybe we can get her a job at a golf course somewhere...