Monday, December 22, 2008

Shiver Me Timbers!!

Well, much precipitation here in the Boston area this weekend. Hour upon hour of snowfall with temperatures in the teens, ending early this morning. There was much shoveling at the Keen Household! And, Behold! School is open today!!! This gives me a few hours of shopping time to finish off the goodies and stockings for Christmas. Yay! I am ever so glad I got those snow tires on Thursday. Best. Thing. Evar. Rather intrepid am I now. Not intrepid enough to head to CVS in the middle of a snowstorm to get my teen the eyeliner she *absolutely* HAD to have for school. So this morning it was wrestling mania over the one, stumpy, eyeliner left. The girls were frantic for beauty. Eeegads.

Also much cookie baking went on yesterday, the best of which was this recipe for Snickerdoodles: Click Here for the Recipe

I also found some Keen Things on the Intarwebzes this weekend! Oooh! Lookie!

Hand Blown Tap Handles!! Click Here!

And my favorite Christmas Song:

Stay Warm. Drive Safely. Be Kind. Have Hope.