Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Now and Then..or Then and Now, or Something Like That...

And Lo!, this is what a Festivus Pole looked like when I was eight. Trees were a huge thing in my family, literally, and figuratively. We always had honking Blue Spruces...giants among plants, the T-Rex of shrubs. And they were royally adorned over the years with many antique ornaments, garlands, toys, birds and baubles. And underneath was the Bounty of all Bounties. It was true magic.

Apparently, THIS is what a Festivus Pole looks like in the mid 80's, after too much eggnog. OOoooh! Pwitty Wights!

This is a family portrait taken when I was 3. From Left to Right: older brother, younger sister, older sister, Me. I still have that gingham dress. I remember that day. I ate strawberries right before the picture was taken.

(Left to Right: Older sister, younger sister, ex, Dad, Mom, Me, older brother)

This is the last time all of us were together, in 1985. Of the 7, 1 is The Wasband, my brother and father have passed away and there is no communication with the two sisters.

Christmas has been a really quiet thing for me the past three years. Usually the girls go to their Dad's around mid-morning, and then it is a calm and quiet, although totally messy, house. This year it will be Lux and Me and some boutique ale, and if the weather permits, a fire in the fire bowl outside. Sometimes I miss the warmth and the hum of being with friends, Beloveds and family in a holiday home, replete with the aromas of all-day cooking, the rattle of backgammon dice, the sound of the creaking stairs as one person after the other goes up for naps after a morning of Pillage and Conquer, boxes strewn, battery packages lazily resting on the carpet under the couch somewhere, recently kicked.

I am sure Lux would appreciate it if I cooked a Turkey just for her. She is like that. I did get her a present already. Ssssh! I'm not telling what it is!

I hope all of you have managed to organize yourselves to the hilt and are not freaking out at the upcoming festivities. If not, you will probably say the same thing to yourself that you said last year: "I really should start this SOONER next year!"

Cause, like, you really should.