Thursday, December 11, 2008

Uninspiring Words:

I know that Starbux sux. But, it is a safe place to meet new friends for coffee if you have never met them in real life before. So, I drove in the rain. And sat behind two, very cute, Orthodox Jews discussing a very interesting class one of them was teaching, and to the left of a table of Czech workers laughing and chatting merrily in their own language.

At one point, I went up to a man and asked:

"No, but I must look like one. I am waiting for someone else."

At one point I lifted my eyebrow at one man, who was wearing (ugh) a baseball cap and sweats. Him? Nah, wearing a wedding ring.

Half a latte later, much later, late, in fact. He was, at the very least, 45 minutes late. That is icky. I like my friends to be punctual. I want them to want to spend time with me so much that they make sure they get there in time...

Ok. Let's go.


Check the email just to see if maybe I had the wrong Starbux.


Hey There

I'm sorry for canceling on you at the last minute but you asked me if I was single and no I'm not. I am in a unhappy marriage that is progressively going downhill and was looking for someone to talk with and maybe bring a little sunshine into my life if possible but I really don't want to involve a nice person like yourself in my problems. So once again I'm so sorry for canceling.


I hate Starbux. I did not even get a comfy chair.

Thus, for this and other reasons : The Dickhead song: