Saturday, December 6, 2008

Green Trees and Bruce Lee among other Keen Things

You, too, can Deck the Halls in a New and Green Way!

Get ready to drink a hell of a lot of soda! And precisely WHAT do you do with this thing after Jan 1st? I mean, I cannot fathom someone stuffing that sucker up in the attic, and it would not be cool to recycle with all that wire, etc...still...pretty Keen idea

And now, for your enjoyment,Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong:

I've been on a "mixed tape" craze lately, making mixed CDs for friends. It is great fun to craft moments like that, and it reminds me of college days, making tapes for boys to get them to understand what is going through your mind by luring them into music. Sorta a backwards way of working into the heart, leaving a stamp, making a long-term memory. How many times in your life did you find some dusty tape some old boyfriend made for you, with his scrawling writing on the label, then, putting it into the tape player (and hoping that the crud on the tape would not fuck up your cassette player) feel all those old memories flood back in?

Well, now you can re-live some of that joy by ordering this:

Click Here for Mixed Tape USB stick

Click Here for the wonderful photography of Tom Kaszuba

Okay, folks, I am off to have a Saturday. This includes re-working my resume to apply for a job teaching a class at a local college on wine and varietals used in the industry. Cross your fingers, those monks at that Jesuit college my kid got into, they likes them coins. Lots of them. About 40k dollars worth. A year. To treat myself this afternoon, Jenny and I are heading to the movies to see "Milk". Review upon my return. Have a good one!