Friday, December 5, 2008

Service with a Smile

A Very Loyal Reader asked for more pictures of me from my teen years. I dug out the musty year book Just For You. Here is my Senior Portrait from 1977 Riverview High. (I don't *think* that is a piece of spaghetti in my hair, but rather a scratch on the image.)

And here I am sitting next to my High School Sweetheart, Steve, at a National Honor Society Awards Dinner. sweet. I was in the NHS, Drama Club, (we did "Oklahoma!" and "David and Lisa" senior year), AFS club, Senior Chorus and a few other things. I was not terribly "popular" but I did find my niche of friends, and in general, I had an okay time of it in high school. It helped to have Steve as my best friend. We dated on and off through high school and into my first year at college, then went our separate ways.