Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chutes and Ladders

Ladder: finding two new trails in new woods this week with Lux
Chute: cancellations of doggie walk clients due to economy
Ladder: really good chocolate
Chute: eating too much really good chocolate
Ladder: watching Arrested Development on Fancast
Chute: really spending TOO much time watching Arrested Development on Fancast
Ladder: a really wonderful conversation with one person
Chute: a really wonderful, but triggery, conversation with another person resulting in owies.
Ladder: another really long hike with Lux this morning.
Chute: two words. Dead Opossom.
Ladder: Leashes are GOOD things!
Chute: Kidney Kid has fever
Ladder: fever is going down now
Chute: I still have not worked on that darned resume for the job I want.
Ladder: there is still more chocolate
Chute: But not MUCH (Ahoy Chicago!)
Ladder: my landlord had a landscaper come rake leaves for me
Chute: He does not rake so much as BLOW. What a bloody racket!
Ladder: 3PM is, indeed, NOT too early for a glass of merlot and an episode of Arrested Development.