Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Inspiring Words in my Inbox


"Resonance is a truly wonderful feeling, but I think it is helpful to remain mindful that it, too, is fleeting and temporary. A part of the whole. A moment upon the journey.

When we are comfortable with and accept conflict/difference also as natural and healthy, we can drop our Fear of Other and experience/live Love within a relationship. This requires Trust/Caring/Compassion/Commitment from both Others, that the shared Us is worth the effort and pain of leaping from the constructed safety of the Known and Comfortable into the fear worthy Possible. Together.

Freeing our Spirits from attachment to both our Reactionary Selves (our Fortress Selves) and the Disney plot lines we ingest from society, the Universe becomes one with our inner sanctum as even violence, yea true Evil, can not destroy the beauty and wonder of All That Is and impede Spirit's expansion. We can celebrate both resonance and conflict as essential to living, because we are at all times safe and threatened by neither.

Fear and Suffering are dissolved by Love and Awareness, Caring and Compassion, Understanding and Wisdom.

And, of course, Humor is a great Lubricant.

And, Chocolate is the True Reason for Existence." Kevin F.