Thursday, January 8, 2009

MiTunes Dec 08-Heavy Rotation

Lyrics for Word Mule by Jim White

I am not sure why this song makes me run so hard, but it does. I just love it. Musically speaking , I enjoy the fission and fusion of differing styles between Alt Country and Alternative/Indi /Rock. But, the lyrics? My Gad! I am startin' ta think that this Jim White may be the New Bob Dylan. Seriously. When I was a kid, I got nifty presents. One Easter, as a child ,I got a gift pack of note cards with Edward Weston photographs on it. I think I was 12. That was the beginning of my love of photography. The same year, for Christmas, I got an anthology of Dylan's writing, and had a braingasm. Thus began my love of lyrics and poetry. Take a good look at the lyrics provided in the link above.

Jim White's MySpace page

And he says the Keenest things, like this (from an interview at DIG Internet Radio):

FP: Well, I'll tell you what I understand by that. You say that people can kind of get in to and get under the skin of America by referencing stories that they already know-is that what you're saying, or is that a little simplistic?

JW: I invented a term called mythospheric. If you try to present the real America, it's actually pretty boring. So if you present a heightened reality with essential truths in it, that's a myth. And myths are heightened realities with essential truths in them. And I think that the most successful presentations of American culture are the more mythic ones, because it's such a complex place; it's such a contradictory place that you can't ever get at it just trying to be fair, you know, just trying to say, hey, let's just present the truth. Anyway, so that's my crackpot theory.

For more of the interview CLICK HERE