Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Apples AND Oranges!!!

Fearless Leader (image of Steve Jobs, New York Times)

Despite the fact the Steve Jobs was NOT there with his Black Turtleneck, (due to health issues involving a serious hormone imbalance) MacWorld 2009 opened with a bang and the outcome for the average consumer is huge. If, like a bazillion other people on the planet, you partake of iTunes, have an iPod, or are a music fan, you will be pleased to note that as of March iTunes is going DRM-free.

"What?", you say?

Digital Rights Management Free. This means that whatever songs you purchase will be available to you for use on any machine, MP3 player, whatever you have. No more pulling out your hair to synch your iTunes to different computers or players. You won't HAVE to own a spendy iPod, though I highly suggest them over, say, Zune or any other, less expensive player.

Furthermore, any previously purchased iTunes files may be upgraded to DRM free capablity for .30 cents per song. You may read more about it here:

MacWorld 2009:Set your Biscuits FREE!!!

Now this is some fancy wrangling with the music industry, and the end result may mean a slip from the monopoly that Apple has had a firm grasp on for a very long time, but as an end consumer, frankly, I am thrilled. I doubt that I will upgrade my 2,000 files already in my library, but it sure puts a smile on my face to think about the ease of use of my future purchases.

Sounds to me like Jobs' hormone problem made him a wee bit more benevolent. Huh, usually fucked up hormones make folks rabid and less inclined to share. Who knew?