Sunday, July 27, 2008

You Go, Girl!

Erin O'Brien makes me giggle almost every day. I have ants, too. Due to the never ending rain storms we have had for the past few weeks, much of my landscape is a-puddle. What is not is fair game for the ants and their relocation attempts, I suppose. What I will NOT put up with, however, is the ant crawling on my butter stick, as I found this morning. That ant learned about space flight, but quick. I don't mind bugs, in general, with the exception of flies, which, being a chef, and knowing what those buggers DO when they land on food, disgust me.

On an entirely different note...I cannot be the ONLY person around who thinks that McCain looks remarkably like a rabbit, or a guinea pig. Am I? And, yeah, Obama behaved rather presidential overseas. So what. At least he wasn't trying to pander to the Dali Lama. I rather liked the Dali Lama's response to Mcain, and I paraphrase: "You are a nice guy but I ain't gonna endorse ya." No flags waving there, dude. No screaming masses of Europeans.

Let's get this popularity game over with and get on with fixing things. M'kay??

File this under WRONG, Very WRONG:

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