Thursday, July 24, 2008


I have not seen 8 inches in a long time. (long pause here....)

But that is what we are getting today.

8 inches of rain. In fits and starts. Fits and stalls, too, I bet.

Good thing I got the dog out for her Administrative Walk early, when it was just a MINOR deluge.

And the other great thing? The weather map for NEXT week is rain, too!

So my morning began with Lux wretching on my bed. It was productive though! Red string. From a rope toy. Wet and gooey. On my bed.

Only to be followed with a back porch strewn with nice juicy trash because I forgot to close the outside door last night.

And the half bathroom sink was cracked when I went in there this morning. Apparently, one of the kitties knocked over a mug on a shelf above the sink, which fell INTO the sink, shattering and also cracking the bowl of the pedestal sink.

This has been the BEST vacation ever!!!!

Time to sedate the dog and finish the book I started yesterday.

Calgon, Take me Away!!!