Friday, July 18, 2008

Stuffiing Ice Down My Pants...


Clearly, due to my Scottish bloodlines, I am more suited to the temperatures between 52 and 72 degrees. I can swing 80's with low humidity. I long for the snow. Thus, today I shall stuff ice down my pants on a semi-regular basis. If you see me waddling around the area, rest assured, that is ICE in my undies.

Today I am too busy to post a real Keen post. I have dog walks (ugh) to do. I am getting ready for a visit from my cousin who lives in Austria, getting my girls ready for a vacation with their Dad, getting ready for my friend, Jenny's, birthday dinner tonight AND dealing with my injured dog-baby.

Last night I had to give her kibble for dinner, as I had forgotten to thaw out her raw diet portion. SHE WAS THE CRAZIEST DOG EVAR. SHE WAS HYPER, YIPPING, DEMANDING AND FUSSY. Wow. What a difference. And, I noticed a huge difference in her , um, out-put, this morning. Clearly, her tummy did not like the kibble either. So, another resounding confirmation that the raw diet is the way to go for a while.

Off to conquer the to-do list. Krikey! It is as long as Rasputin's beard!

Keen Thoughts to you all!