Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ironically, this post is NOT about SEX...

My friend, Andy, has one of these Liberator furniture pieces. It is called the Esse. And, yes, it can be used for Great Sex. But, it is also PERFECTLY designed for emotional processing with a partner. Last weekend I was feeling some Deep Stuff when I was visiting Andy. He fed me a tasty sandwich and took my hand and led me to this piece of furniture and told me it was absolutely great for talking.

So we sat. And we wrapped around one another and talked, and I cried, and no one's legs fell asleep, no one's back went out and we were cradled and supported and really PRESENT with one another for the processing, rather than having to wiggle and stretch and lose track of what the other person just said onaccounta your sciatic nerve is playing terrorist with your butt.

I think that EVERY couples therapist should have one of these in the office. No, really. How cool would it be to be sitting that way with your Beloved while someone heartfully coached you to discuss your deep, intimate "stuff"?????