Friday, March 5, 2010

Street Finds

I am forever looking on the side of the road for things people throw out. It is amazing how much wonderful stuff I find. Once I found an entire clothing rack full of Old Navy fleece tops and Patagonia hiking clothes tossed on the side of the street. Another time I found a wonderful stainless roasting pan and a complete set of Pier One table linens. I have many pieces of furniture, too, bookshelves, coffee tables, plant stands. My rule is that something has to really move my soul and make me happy, OR replace and upgrade something I have.

I found this Chinese silk painting on the sidewalk a few years ago. It has a water stain on the bottom left corner, and was relegated to Trash Status, left to die a slow death in a landfill. I rescued it, and every day I wake to this peaceful scene. It calms my soul. I am so glad I tuned my head that day and saw it, lingering, crying for someone to take it home and love it.