Monday, May 4, 2009



Beach Walk

This weekend was filled to the brim with goodness. Lux and I had a Very Long Walk on the beach on Saturday. Hours and hours worth. The beach was fairly deserted, too, which made for extra Keen-ness.

A high school rendition of Rent at Westford Academy left my jaw on the floor for the entire time. Really. I seriously hope that some of these kids continue with musical theater, because DAY-Um! They were superb. And, Rent is a production which has many controversial aspects to it, homosexuality, AIDS, gender issues, sexuality, loss, but those kids tackled it with aplomb (one of my favorite words!), class and insane skill. The entire audience was on it's feet by the end, parents, kids, everyone, cheering and clapping.

I then drove with my friend, Jeanette, to her house and we proceeded to drink Ti Many Martoonis. I think that, in all, I had somewhere around 5 before, giggling hysterically and helping a wobbly Jeanette locate her stairs to the second floor, I bobbled myself onto her couch and crashed under a quilt until 7 AM, upon which time coffee was administered. I rarely get hangovers from martinis. Again, I rarely HAVE *that* many martinis. Coffee? Elixer of the Gawds. Black Plasma.

Blueberry pancakes, eggs over easy, more coffee, OJ, more coffee, and a long drive to Brattleboro. VT, "just for lunch" and stepping into some shops and galleries. Home to walk an anxious Lux, cracking a bottle of merlot and zoning out with a movie. What an amazing day.

I want to thank my dear friends and Beloveds, Jeanette, Scott, Kevin, Victor, Jenny, Jaimie and Kimo, and , of course, Lux for gifting me with conversation, laughter, amazing views, connection, recognition, adventure, relaxation, and a renewed sense of Self. I love all of you very, very much!

Now, if I could ONLY find that rewind button...