Friday, May 1, 2009

First Day of May


Who would have thought that it would come to this? After all that snow, I was certain we would be in cold, white, ice FOR. Ev. AR...

I have been busy of late, working hard and doing lots of thinking. I pretty much stopped writing it down, though, because it felt like I was packaging my stuff for the masses, when what I really needed to do was think and feel and let it flow through me onto the ground, into the soil and beyond.

I had quite a diatribe about water-boarding in my noggin last week. And I decided to just drop it. I kicked it out of the park, instead opting for taking in the view of the flowers. I also meddled a bit with my camera, in hopes of slamming out a Keen masthead for May. Here is the reject, for your viewing pleasure:

My daughter has been working on a project for school on Dante's Inferno. It involved creating a scrapbook for the 9 levels of Hell. She put celebrities in each level and made some really cool pages. She got to level 5 involving Wrath and Gloom. She had a hard time thinking of who to stick in that level of Hell. I suggested Eminem. Then after some thought I said: "Well, alternatively, you could send Eyeore!" That got a laugh or three.

So, I have lots to say and little time to do so. Perhaps I shall stop by this weekend and let you all in on the inner most sanctum of Keen here, but in the mean time, WASH YOUR HANDS! Really, like, six to ten times a day. Swine Flu or not, you have NO idea where that guy who pumped gas before you had his fingers this morning. Ew.

And, as for the Boston Celtics, Man-OH-Man!!! kept me up late last night. But, really now, I don't mind being up late playing with a bunch of hawt and talented men who know how to handle a ball. Good try guys, that was ONE HELL of a playoff game. Let's get us some satisfaction for our next date, M'kay? All this foreplay and no release was hell. I mean, really, getting me to the edge and then backing off like that so many times was painful. I am sure you are wandering around a bit, ah, blue, yourselves today. Rest up. I can tell Chicago wants to play a little rough for the next hot date. Ahem.