Monday, April 6, 2009

Image du Jour


Moonrise Over Zion National Park, Utah- image from K. Field

Well, if that is not inspiring, I do not know what would be. I think if I was in Utah with my camera it is likely that they would have to send out some National Guard-folk with ropes and chains to drag me back. Plus, well, Heather Armstrong (Dooce) and her family are in Utah, and that makes it the most Keen Place on Earth, probably.

Then again, my friend, Scott, is in Southeast Asia right now, and I am willing to bet that when he ends up in Japan in the middle of the month, the cherry blossoms will be positively orgasmic. I remember living in DC during cherry blossom time. Never have I seen so many Asian people with cameras, grinning on steps, cricky-cricky with their cameras. Infestation of tourists during that time made the already difficult traffic impossible to navigate without fear of crushing a small person in a black raincoat covering a plaid shirt and a flowered skirt, carrying seventeen bags and lugging a camera around the neck. I personally thought they should close down the basin area for the duration. Still, if one could get a moment without all the buzzing of people around, the path strewn with pink and white blossoms was breathtaking.

I like breathtaking.