Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Todays Hike


I could begin to tell you about the rush of bitter air
filling my mouth and lungs
as I pull for breath
step aside step
deep in the woods

I might be able to explain to you
the rush of blood
in my ears
as my heart pounds harder
with each hill I climb

I would show you
the inside of my mind
where Thought's Dominion
calls songs of hope and possibility

All thinly veiled attempts to be known
to share my experience
and those words would be blown in the wind
the frigid stealth of heat

Believe me, life courses through
my veins
and sings through sinew, bone and marrow
and the billow of my breath against the cold
is coupled only with my footsteps
in leaving some legacy
of my being here
amongst the trees and streams