Friday, September 12, 2008

Gustav, Hanna and Ike



Noah? Noah? Is there anyone here named Noah?

I know I have been away most of this week, but life has a way of catching up with you once school is open again. I have been working hard, and dealing with a number of issues, not the least of which is yet ANOTHER asshat teacher in one of my daughter's schools. I think you remember the incident when the teacher mentioned to an entire class that my oldest daughter appeared to be anorexic? Well, this time it was the younger one, and the teacher was frustrated with her for not working on her vocabulary words fast enough in class, being chatty, etc, so he told her and the whole class that she was Special Needs had learning disabilities, and was too slow for the class. She was angry and mortified and I just about tore the guy a new one, because that just 'aint right.

I told him that it was his job to motivate, not humiliate, and that he should understand what makes teens tick in his class, that once you set someone up as an example, good or bad, you alienate kids, lose respect and have gained nothing. I also mentioned to the principal that under HIPA regulations such discussion of someone's learning style to a classroom is a breech of regulations and that legal action might be a recourse. That got her running. I am more than pissed. He told me he lost his cool. ON THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL????? Yes, she can be....ah....a challenge, but that means you have to be creative in your attempts. At the VERY least he should have taken her aside, told her that he noticed she was not performing up to her potential and asked if she needed help.

So much energy has gone to many phone calls this week. And, frankly, it wears me out.

I have been taking on extra gigs to yield more funding this month, and now that the girls are back in school I can schedule things better, not having to stop everything and drive someone somewhere. I do well with structure. I also do well with the more than 6 hours of hiking/walking a day on my doggie walking days. The kitchen gig will be firing up soon, so that will mean long hours of being a Chef, so I am enjoying the outdoors while I can.

Here is a picture of my kitty sitting in the window the other day when it was sunny. It makes me smile.


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Easy and Tasty White Pizza

Pita bread
Bertoli alfredo sauce in a jar
roasted red peppers
asiago cheese
shredded mozzerella (I used a mixture of shredded for this one)
oregano, basil, thyme or whatever herbs you like!

Pull apart the pita breads and place them on a baking sheet. Cut a clove of garlic and rub it over the surface of the breads. Spread about 2 tablespoons of the alfredo sauce on the breads and top with slices of tomato and roasted peppers. Arrange cheeses on top and sprinkle with herbs. Back at 400 degrees until bubbly and brown.