Thursday, August 19, 2010

Will You Be There?

Face of America Gettysburg to DC 2007

Today I am wearing my T-shirt from this bike tour for wounded warriors. It was one hell of a ride, literally AND metaphorically. This moment, and another, are burned into my memory. I learned so very much about support, trust, hope and faith . These two men were a team. The one in the chair rode a recumbent bike with a pole on the back, and his able-bodied partner would push if need be. At the end of the second day of the ride, the recumbent rider crashed, hard,and was pulled from the race. His helper crashed too, but got patched up and finished in good time. This was the moment they had met again, at the finish line. We all cried. Alot.

Will YOU be there when your partner or friend can't finish the race? Will YOU carry the torch across the line? Will YOU be there for someone?