Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vista, my ASS...

Shoulda been named "Frozen Windows Slamming Frequently and Repeatedly on Your Fingers While in the Middle of Something Very Important"

My kid's computer died a nasty death a month ago. My desktop PC crunked out, too. I installed an old G4 tower on my desk, which is cannot run many of my photography post-production programs because of the age of the processor. My Mac laptop, while still plugging along, is an iBook, and the disk drive had failed a long time ago, making it difficult to do lots of things, like install printer drivers. So, I bought a new laptop last month. For about $600.00. And, it works, most of the time.

But, I tell you this. I alreday KNEW Vista sucked rusty scissors, and I bought this laptop anyway, because it was the best I could find for the money. I could not afford the spiffy MacBook. I am grateful to have equipment at all, mind you, but sometimes, sometimes I want to throw this sucker into the Merrimack River.

Vista, I hate you. I hate you like a cut hates salt. You are clumsy and take up WAY too much space and time for what you deliver. You crash Firefox daily, sometimes multiple times.

You got me onaccounta the price point. I needed something fast for a photo-gig, and for the application process for college for my kid.

However, I tell you this. If someone dropped 2K in my lap and told me I had to spend it on myself I would be in that Apple Store YESTERDAY, if not sooner.

I feel like I am waking up next to someone really nasty after a drunken night of debauchery. Coyote Love, Gigabyte Style.